Copy of submitted form to respondent


Hi all, for the form Im developing, I need a way for the respondent to keep a copy of their submitted data.

I see that ODK collect allows this through an Android Intent by setting a calculate field type with concat(“mailto:”, ${email}, “?subject=”, “Thanks for participating!&body=”, ${message}) and an integer type with the appearance: ex:android.intent.action.SENDTO(uri_data=${email_to}). This is shown here:

However, I am developing a web form (xlsform) running on kobo… this doesnt work because obviously its not on an android device. Is there a way to make a submission send a copy to the respondents email address with Kobo?

Alternatively, I through the respondent could ‘print’ their form, but this doesnt work when I embed with an iframe into the NGO website because the iframe has scrolling and responses get cuttoff.

Any advise on how to deal with this functionality requirement is much appreciated (including creative workarounds)


Hello, may this can help you. Deletion of sent forms (default) can be deactivared in Settings / Form management on KoBoCollect device.
Best regards


Hi Wroos, unfortunately I dont think that helps any because
a) the forms are collected through the web browser (not on android device) and
b) not deleting them on a device would not help anyway to automatically send the respondent a copy of their responses.

Other thoughts are welcome! Please correct me if I misunderstood your thinking.
best, Roger