Adding a feature in KoBoToolbox where the server automatically sends the survey reports in email?


Is there a way to automate sending the results of each individual response to my secure email address? Is this possible within the toolbox or using a third party app that integrates with it?

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Hi @anjan,

At the moment, KoBoToolbox does not have the feature of sending survey results to an email. The concept you have put seems very interesting and would be very helpful to all KoBo users. Hence request you to suggest the KoBoToolbox developers by filling up the Suggestion Box.


Hi @anjan,

I agree with @Kal_Lam , to make a suggestion that this could be a useful feature.
I tried to do the same thing a while ago and ended up using OpenFN. OpenFN let’s you set up ‘events’ (like a new KoBo submission) and then a number of actions triggered by that event. I used Mailgun to send me a summary of the submissions each time a submission was uploaded. This might be a thrid party solution worth to have a look at. Big constraint on this: the free version of openFN only supports a limited amount of runs per month.