Create a counter button

Context: I would like to build a form, where the enumerator counts the number of people at a specific location during a specific time period. The form contains information about data and the location that can be entered once. The number of people however would be counted over the entire time period. To every time a new person appears, the number of observed people should increase by one. Ideally, this would be done by simply clicking a button and and a counter that displays the total number

Question: Ist there any possibility or reasonable workaround to build such a “counter” within a form?

@bushroot, we already have this feature that can be done through the dynamic data attachment. FYR:

Thanks for the information. However, it is still not clear to me how I would I know implement a “counter” using the Dynamic Data Attachments.
Could you provide me with some additional information?

Just found that the topic has been discussed also here:

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