Data download: Transitioning from XLS (legacy) to XLS

Hi all,

We have been using what is now XLS (legacy) to download/export our data collected with Kobocollect. Unfortunately, when we try to export/download our data with XLS it says “export failed”. Same with CSV. This is a concern as XLS legacy will stop working soon and we won’t be able to download our data.
Do we need to change something in our forms to be able to export it with the new XLS or CSV? Is there something specific that needs to be changed? Any help much appreciated, thank you!

Hi @rhama111, thank you for reporting this and we apologize for the issue. Can you please send me a private message with the following so that I can investigate:

  • server (HHI/OCHA)
  • username
  • project name

Thanks Josh for your help,

Sorry, I don’t seem to see how to send you a private message, could you please let me know how?


Hi @rhama111
Welcome back after a long time. I am sharing the approach to sharing private message below


Hi @rhama111, thank you for sending through your details. It looks like the exports are failing when there are nested repeat groups without a question between the outer and inner repeats, for example:


type name label
begin_repeat outer Outer
begin_repeat inner Inner
text name What is your name?

I will create an issue for this and hopefully get a fix out soon. In the meantime please continue using the legacy exports for this project :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @rhama111, you can track the issue here:

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Thanks Josh. I’ll see if I can fix. Just out of interest is there any date when the export legacy function will be phased out?

Hi @rhama111, great :+1: there is no date yet for phasing it out — it will however not be receiving new features we continue to add to KPI exports.