Data Export to Excel using synchonus export feature

I have some projects in my kobo account. I have been using synchronus export feature to export data from kobo to excel throgh power query. Some of projects shows export link where some do not. What could be the possible reasons. I use this address template to get the export URL:
And, I replaced my asset_uid correctly. Still export link do not generate.
I have attached two pictures below for your better understanding.

@tasfik_rukan, did you follow all the steps outlined in the support article?

Hi @Kal_Lam , many thanks for your response. Yes, I followed all the steps narrated there. Fortunately, now the export link is generated though I did nothing esle. Here is my observation, the export link of any project does not generate just after creating any project. It takes substantial amount of time to generate the link. For me, it took more than 15 hours. Excuse me, if my observation is wrong. Thanks again.

@tasfik_rukan, are you still facing the same? Could you also let us know the total number of submissions you have for that project?