Displaying sub-group titles and separate screens in KoboCollect

I prepared an XLSForm as attached here.
XLSForm_230212v2.xlsx (43.2 KB)

In this questionnaire, “household” (“name” column in 13th line) is set as a primary group (begin_group) and 10 sub-groups are set inside by household members.
I also set “field-list” in appearance of the primary group and all other sub-group headers (excluding household member 1).

The structure looks like this:

[start_group] + [field-list]

  • Number of household members (integer)
  • Member 1
  • Member 2
    [start/end_group] + [field-list]
  • Member 10
    [start/end_group] + [field-list]

The number of household members is answered first and Member 2 - 10 are displayed based on the answer. It works perfectly in web-based questionnaire as well as opening it in my Android web browser from the URL after deploying it. Each title of Member 1, 2, … 10 are also displayed.

In this way I also expected that the first screen in KoboCollect shows “Number of household members” and the fourst group (Member 1), then goes to the next screen with Member 2, then, 3, …, 10 respectively.

However, if I set 2 in “Number of household members”, it displays all 2 members in one screen and it does not display group title (Member 1, 2 … 10), thus there is no way to understand which member’s question I am now fuifilling.

This is an example which is opened in my android web browser.
It shows “Member 1” and “Member 2” as separator.

This is another example from KoboCollect which unexpectedly shows Member 1 and 2 in one screen without header (The text “Mermber 1” and “Member 2” inbetween).

Do you have any suggestions to solve these two issues?

@hideoshiraishi, what format do you want (Enketo form or the Collect android app format)?

Hint: An alternate design of your form would be to use a repeat structure for all household members. You can find examples in the Help Center article (https://support.kobotoolbox.org/group_repeat.html) and with the search function of this forum.

Thank you, it can simplify the form.design. I will take a look into it.

As far as I understand, “Enketo form” means a questionnaire opened in a Web browser whereas “Collect Android App format” means a questionnaire opened in KoboCollect app.

I tested the uploaded form both in a web browser (Chrome) in my Android phone and in a KoboCollect Android App. I do not find any issue in a brower but the latter will be better to mange the survey.

Perhaps some surveyors may use web brower who only have iOS device. I suppose there is no significant problem to use two different ways to upload the result as both of them are uploaded to my project.

On the Android side, I would prefer ODK Collect, which is the leading base for KoboCollect and fully compatible and often ahead in update versions and new features.

Thank you. I tested the updated form both in KoboCollect and ODK Collect and realized that both of them do not support field-list and the questionnaire suspend to work…