Do we have online course on KoBoToolbox?

Hello Dear,

How are you? I want to ask you do we have course online of KOBO Toolbox. I want to learn more about this.

Hi @Ah_ly,

Unfortunately KoBoToolbox does not have online course. However, it has many support articles that should be very helpful and can be assessed here.

You could also have a look at the video tutorials prepared by @nca_hum_div which are very good and helpful:

Have a great day!

Hi there Ah_ly,
It’s not an online course per se, but if useful on the MDC Toolkit website that we at CartONG produced with Tdh we have shared a lot of documentation, and in particular our 5 day training material to learn Mobile Data Collection with Kobo Toolbox, XLSForms and co (as well as methodological wider advice)- you can find it here in english:


Thanks you so much for your replying.

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