Does Kobo support the Task Assignment to Users

Does Kobo support task assignment to users? suppose there is a form and it has to be filed up by three persons: first person fills up the form, other signs it digitally and the other validates and confirms the results. And on the record show who did what.

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Welcome to the community, @jawed001! Yes, as said, users could be assigned certain assignments through KoBoToolbox. As a project manager, you could assign an enumerator who will collect data for the project and assign a focal person who validates the records separately. Maybe this support article Record Validation should help you better understand how to validate a record in KoBoToolbox.

Thank you very much @Kal_Lam for your answer, let me explain further: a part of my question was that can it happen in workflow manner, for instance, once the form is filed up, next person gets notification for digital signing and then once signed, the last person gets notification for validating the record. Can that information be visible in the meta data section of the form like who filled the form, who signed it and who validated it?

Being notified for submission is not directly a built-in feature but yes, you could get an email notification once a submission lands in your user account using the rest services as outlined and discussed in our previous post:

The record validation feature does not support a digital signature but you could definitely create a survey field and your team validating the record could sign the record once the validation is complete.

Besides, you should also know who validated the record as it’s you who control the access of providing a record validation access to your team as outlined in the support article Managing Permissions.

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