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Estimados estamos intentando descargar unas 10.000 imagenes y nos da mensaje de error ¿como debemos hacer? La barrera idiomatica es grande en estos casos, si alguien nos guia y habla español fantastico.

Dear, we are trying to download about 10,000 images and it gives us an error message, how should we do? The language barrier is great in these cases, if someone guides us and speaks fantastic Spanish.

Welcome to the community, @Paspol! What do you assume the average image size is? And what is the total media that you are trying to download?

Dear Kal_Lam thank you for answering, we estimate that there are about 15,000 photos of 1000 kb each.

The problem is that the ZIP file is not finally created for download, we have good wired connections with download speeds of 128 mbps, we do not know why it does not create the ZIP file

Would you mind following the discussion that has been discussed previously? It should help you solve your issue:

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Thank you @Kal_Lam i will read this :wink:

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Good afternoon, Kal. I have tried every solution provided by Josh and failed the same way @ahmaddiab did. I have an issue understanding the coding for downloading the images from the XLS file. I typed both my username and image cell reference into the code and the following message appears: Err: 501. Could you clarify how to type in the information into the code? I have over 3200 images that could go to waste. Perhaps there is an issue with the parenthesis in the formula. I would appreciate a fast response.
Germán Gil

this is the problem I am facing when downloading the ZIP file. Any advice?

Any advive please? laij U2…we still haven’t found what we’re looking for

@Paspol, would you mind filtering and downloading your media files to see if you are able to download them as discussed in the previous post:

142 / 5000

Resultados de traducción

Is 74 columns with 3600 rows too much data to process? Not all cells have photos, in total there are approximately 47200

this is part of the HTML file…maybe the server name is wrong?

Hi @Paspol, it looks like you combined the server name and image name incorrectly as it should be something like .../attchments/<your file name> and not .../attchments/A2. However I would recommend rather using the approached linked above.

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Hi @Paspol, unfortunately this can happen if there are many image files and the download times out and fails.

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Hi @Josh
Dear, please clarify, I have used what is on the community page …Downloading Photos and Other Media — KoboToolbox documentation

Dear @Josh If the syntax is fine, you could try downloading batches of files…
maybe it´s wrong

Hi @Paspol, I manage to get your export to succeed but unfortunately it will fail if you try again as I had to run it from the server.

Hi @Paspol, rather than using the Excel method, please follow the steps discussed here.

You just need to navigate to the URL of<your asset uid>/data and from there open up DownThemAll.

Here’s a quick guide:

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thanks, we tried that method, I understand that the files are safe. Otherwise could you share them in the cloud for us to download if possible?

Hi @Paspol you should be able to download them now from your account.

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