Error 500 Server Error

Good Morning,
Please help me by verifying the error 500 that is coming out when logging in to the server

Error Kobo 27092021

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@cispmed, we will get back to you when we resolve this issue.

I have exactly the same problem on the server…
Please… help meError Kobo 27092021

Welcome to the community @porfm! We will get back to you when we resolve this issue.

@cispmed, @porfm the issue has been resolved!

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I faced Server Error (500) trouble for 3 hours. Can you check please?

@emreozkan90, we will resolve the issue and get back to you very soon.

Just curious – is this a scheduled downtime (for an upgrade) or something else? This is derailing our school registration process this morning here in Lebanon, so wondering if we could have scheduled around it.

Welcome to the community, @sjmlsj! This is a server issue and we will be fixing it very soon. Will also update it once we resolve this.

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Great, thanks! Appreciate your work. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community, @trisantoso_kobi! Please be informed that we will fix this issue and update you very soon.

Server Error (500) : this is the message that occurs when I want to access my account. This doesn’t allow me to access my account. Can you please help me.

@jeremie_modeste, we will let you know when we resolve this issue.

Thanks dear. I am waiting your support.

@emreozkan90, @sjmlsj, @trisantoso_kobi, @jeremie_modeste please be informed that the server is back again! Apologies for the inconvenience caused!

Your support is much appreciated! Thanks dear!

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Thank you! It seems solved.

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Please could you help me to resolve this because I have a same problem too today and I’don’t know why ? I have a lot of data that I need to track until tomorrow so please help me ??

Welcome to the community, @safidy_mada! The problem has already been resolved! You should now be able to access to your OCHA account without any issue.

I have same problem also and I don’t know how ans what can I do ??? HELP me please !!!