ERROR: Failed to update submissions values

Hello all,

I am trying to do some bulk cleaning to a form, and a “Failed to update submissions values.” error keeps appearing. I tried to change browser, clean browsing data and cookies, and nothing worked. Is it an overall error of the server, or specific to my form?

I am having the exact same issue ( ERROR: Failed to update submissions values )

Welcome to the community, @pedro_ogando! Could you let me know the server you are using? Also, please let us know if your project is archived or not. Maybe I could also test it on my end.

Dear Kal, thank you for yor reply. The project is published/active since 2021, and just in the last couple of weeks this error started to appear - it’s in server.

Hi. I’m also having similar update issue. Currently, any change to a submission triggers “Failed to update submissions values”. Kindly assist

I am having the same error