ERROR: Failed to update submissions values

I am having the exact same issue ( ERROR: Failed to update submissions values )

Welcome to the community, @pedro_ogando! Could you let me know the server you are using? Also, please let us know if your project is archived or not. Maybe I could also test it on my end.

Dear Kal, thank you for yor reply. The project is published/active since 2021, and just in the last couple of weeks this error started to appear - it’s in server.

Hi. I’m also having similar update issue. Currently, any change to a submission triggers “Failed to update submissions values”. Kindly assist

I am having the same error

@pedro_ogando, @Tonyk, @marcel_blankenstein, would you mind providing the following information through a private message. I could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Note: You could share with me a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

@Tonyk, I have received your details. Though it was not shared through a private topic, I have noted the details.

Dear @Kal_Lam,
Did you address the issue? Am facing similar problem.
Waiting your reply.

Thanks for your support.

Hello all,

I am trying to do some edit files, but cannot edit due to not working this file said “X Failed to update submissions values”. can you send me what is the reason why is not working?

I have same issue. Do you get the reason of this problem and any solution?

Dear Kal_Lam,
I got the same issue. Can you please assist me in resolving this error?

Dear Kal_lam,

Here are the details as requested.

Username: xxxxxxx
Project name: Zip Stove Records

Kind regards,

@marcel_blankenstein, I could load your record for edits when I checked your survey project. Could you be more specific on what happened so I could try to reproduce your issue on my end?

I have same issue.

@vasyl_karas, would you mind sharing your project details with me so I can check them on my end?

Welcome to the community, @zayesh! Have you shared with me your project details so that I could make a quick test at my end?

A simple test project TEST
Form “TEST”.
One submission.
Login: xxxxxxx
Password: xxxxxxxxxx

I’m having the same issue. i can’t share my project because of the confidential info. Since Kal seems unable to share a solution publically, could someone else share what worked for them? I will add that I’m on the humanitarian server and the project is not archived.

Hello. I have the same issue. I can’t share details of my project because of privacy. I can notice that this is a general issue and may be it is not related to our porjects but the funcionality of the bulk-edition summisions tool it self. Can you please notice when issue will be solved?


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I keep on getting the error’ Failed to Update Submission values’ when trying to save the entries i have edited. How do i address this?