Excel data shows name and not label of answers when answers come from external csv

Hello. I have a form. Some questions have a list of answers that come from external csv. All seems to work except that when I download the data results the columns of questions with answers from csv show the name of the answer and no the label.

Welcome back to the community, @mlaguna! Could you also let the community know the approach (pull data, select_one_external, select_one_from_file) you use to use the external CSV?

Yes, selec_one_from file (and select_multiple_from_file)
The problem occurs when visualizing on kono, downloading and pullind data from excel.

Hello, I was wondering if there is any new?

@mlaguna, this should not be a problem. Try following this post and that should help you solve your issue:

Hi Kal_Lam, I too have the same issue as raised by mlaguna. I have gone through all the appended posts and tried out your instructions. But I had no luck. Can you please help? Thanks.