Export Failed Error message while downloading data from KoBoToolbox server

Hi @Kal_Lam I am facing the same issue. Only one project fails to export data.

Welcome to the community @tkipruto! Could you kindly please share with us a screenshot of the issue. Would you also mind letting us know the server (OCHA or HHI) you are using?

I am using the OCHA server

Would you mind sharing your username and project name through a private message?

Well i went through your survey project and could see that you had redeployed your survey project 40 different times. In these 40 redeployments, i could see that you added some questions, removed some question and even modified some question types (which i have highlighted in yellow in the attached xlsform below). Those yellow highlights actually did not affect your download with the Export Failed that you see.

Version Comparison:

Version Comparison (Export Failed).xlsx (19.3 KB)

The problem that caused Export Failed was when you first deployed your xlsform (or say your survey project) with a repeat group and then submitting the data with the repeat group to the server but later removed those repeat groups (in your recent redeployment).


You should be able to download your data, if you once again group the questions as repeat group and name the group as repeat_ben as they were grouped and named before.

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Side note: Let’s invest in systematic pre-testing before changing running systems (form) during enumeration…

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Actually this is still part of pilot


Hi @tkipruto,

It seems that you were finally able to download your dataset.

Yes. I did. Thank you very much.