Export Failed Error message while downloading data from KoBoToolbox server

Hi @Kal_Lam I am facing the same issue. Only one project fails to export data.

Welcome to the community @tkipruto! Could you kindly please share with us a screenshot of the issue. Would you also mind letting us know the server (OCHA or HHI) you are using?

I am using the OCHA server

Would you mind sharing your username and project name through a private message?

Well i went through your survey project and could see that you had redeployed your survey project 40 different times. In these 40 redeployments, i could see that you added some questions, removed some question and even modified some question types (which i have highlighted in yellow in the attached xlsform below). Those yellow highlights actually did not affect your download with the Export Failed that you see.

Version Comparison:

Version Comparison (Export Failed).xlsx (19.3 KB)

The problem that caused Export Failed was when you first deployed your xlsform (or say your survey project) with a repeat group and then submitting the data with the repeat group to the server but later removed those repeat groups (in your recent redeployment).


You should be able to download your data, if you once again group the questions as repeat group and name the group as repeat_ben as they were grouped and named before.

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Side note: Let’s invest in systematic pre-testing before changing running systems (form) during enumeration…

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Actually this is still part of pilot


Hi @tkipruto,

It seems that you were finally able to download your dataset.

Yes. I did. Thank you very much.


Hi @Kal_Lam I am facing the same issue on a project. Only one project of 12 projects on the server fails to export data. Kindly help!! This is really an emergency

Hi @babajide_oluseyi, can you please try using the legacy export option and see if that succeeds? If you send the following details in a private message we can take a look:

  • server (humanitarian/non-humanitarian)
  • username
  • project name
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Thanks a lot for the response @Josh .

If not, can you guide me on how to send a private message to your team.

Hi @babajide_oluseyi, thank you for confirming that you were able to export using the legacy format. Unfortunately since you are using a private sever (not our humanitarian or non-humanitarian servers) of Kobo I am unable to investigate beyond seeing the error in the UI. I would guess the issue lies in one of the earlier versions of the form where you may have changed the question type or group type.

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Thanks a lot Josh for the help. Is there a way to fix previous versions of the form? Since what i have now is what it should be. I have looked at the exported data using legacy and there does not seem to be much wrong with that particular variable (Q760).

Is there a way out? What could be my next line of action?

Hi @babajide_oluseyi, it’s unclear what caused the issue but I downloaded the XLSForm, reuploaded it and deployed (a hack that sometimes fixes things like this) — and now I can successfully export when only the latest version is used. So I suggest that you continue your future exports with the option “Include data from all 5 versions” unchecked:
Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 15.49.33

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Thanks a lot Josh. This was so good!!

Can you help repeat the action. After going through the previous export, i noticed a slight error which i fixed by redeploying another form. Taking the versions to Version 6.

If you can repeat the action; to now make it version 7 (including the bug), that will be helpful.

Thanks a lot

@babajide_oluseyi done and looks to be working again. This makes me think that the issue is actually in your XLSForm and that when we export the file from the server it’s somehow fixed — perhaps a leading space or something. Can you please share your XLSForm here or in the private message so I can test it out.

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Youth Participant Survey Tool_2022.xlsx (276.7 KB)

Here you go!!!

Thanks a lot.

I guess it could be the XLS form. Looking forward to your expert look at the form.

@babajide_oluseyi, it looks like the issue was a double space between the list_name and or_other in the question type on line 124! This shouldn’t be a problem and I will open an issue for it:

select_multiple Q760  or_other

fixed by:

select_multiple Q760 or_other
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Thank you so much, Josh.

This has been a relief.