Failing to view preview

I am failing to access the preview mode of my tools. I am failing to access those saved earlier and the new ones.

Hi @bkgwadi,

Could you please elaborate how this happened. It’s a bit unclear on why this is happening as this should not be happening. It would be helpful for us to identify your problem if you answer the following queries:

  • Where did you build your form? XLSForm or KoBo Formbuilder?
  • Did you see this message when you opened the preview for the first time or did you see this screen (dialogue box) after you edited the form in the KoBo Formbuilder?

Looking at the image that you uploaded might not have errors in it (as it simply shows loading …). However, my assumption is that the form might have taken a bit longer time to open due to the following reasons:

  • Due to the internet speed
  • Due to the media files that you have uploaded in your form
  • Due to the long list of choices that you have included in your form

If you still see the error, please provide us the image of the error that Enketo shows while loading your form. Maybe that would be helpful to identify your problem best.

Thank you for the swift response.

I was using the Enketo to preview my uploaded XLS Form.

I built the form using XLSForm. I previously did some other projects using the same method but now my challenge I am even failing projects previously completed or others I finished successfully. Maybe, it is the internet speed here in Zimbabwe!

As for the long list, 247 rows is long? It worked before!

Hi @bkgwadi,

I assume it’s the internet speed (as i don’t see any error message in the image you uploaded). But if you happen to see an error message while previewing or still have the loading problem even when your internet is at a good speed, please feel free to reach out for help!

Hie @Kal_Lam

You mentioned a long list of choices, can I share with you the form and you advise on the way forward from your side?

I am not convinced it is the long list because I have previously uploaded, tested and implemented data collection using those tools.

It may be worth attempting to see if you can successfully load and preview your form under a different tool, specifically XLSForm Online, which will also allow you to preview via Enketo. At least that may eliminate your specific form as the culprit.


I have done so with XLSForm Offline, after that I am testing on the tablet after “getting” the new tool.

Let me try XLSForm Online

Thanks a span.

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