Form Deployed in Chrome browser is not the updated one

We uploaded a xlsform to the server that had a pulldata function and Deployed but the version of the format that I see in my Chrome browser is not the updated one.

Welcome to the community, @Luis_Pineda! Have you deployed/redeployed your survey project after you have uploaded/updated your CSV file for the pulldata?

It didn´t work, but we use an advide that you already made for the question:
I uploaded the csv file, but the data is not replaced with new one

we followed this part of the answer and the problem was resolve:

In cases where you simply wish to update your CSV file from an ongoing survey project:
Delete the CSV file that is present in the server from SETTINGS>Media
Update your CSV file and then upload the same back to the server
Go to FORM>Edit
Make no changes but simply press the SAVE button

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Yes, this is the post (sharing it here to as it could be helpful for others searching for the same):