How can i limit users to only enter one record?

I had developed a form that is meant to be entered only once by one user. Is there a way to restrict it to only one entry per user? i.e. from same laptop or windows user…etc?

Thank you

This is related to a similar topic however I would leave it as it is to address other users who have been having the same issue. Ideally this system is not designed to limit the number of submissions by a user.

You can however create a work around designed to provide unique codes for data entry, ideally this will allow the person to only collect the data using the unique code. So you can tell and filter only for the first instance of unique code. I propose the following workaround:

  1. Create a database of everyone and generate a unique code to be used by each person e.g. code is 12345 code is 23456 code is 34567
    kindly ensure that this code is difficult to crack; I normally would use a random number generator combined with a random letter generator which makes it almost impossible to guess a code.

  2. Create a question that can only accept one of the codes i.e. acts like a password protection. You can do this by using constraints which is clearly explained in our articles.

  3. When you send your emails with the link, you can always use mail merge to ensure that each person gets their unique code, that way they would use the code to enter the data. Since you have the background information associated to the user based on their code, this sorts out your issue…


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Thank you Aloo, will give it a try.

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