How do i learn to work on this program?

مرحبا : انا مستخدم جديد كيف اتعلم العمل على البرنامج من اي مصدر

Hi @Bayan,

Welcome to the community! Please feel free to have a look at our support articles here. It should help you learn more on KoBoToolbox.

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thank you very much

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Hi @Bayan,

For further learning, you could also have a look at some YouTube video tutorials prepared and shared by @nca_hum_div:

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مرحبا : اريد دروس مرشحة من قبلكم وموثوقة
باللغة العربية اذا امكن على اليوتيوب

Hi @Bayan,

Kindly be informed that the community forum is a hub where users seek for solutions and those who are able to respond provides solutions (for the same). Hence, please consider this as a reliable source for learning and sharing. Besides, i don’t know if anyone has prepared support materials in Arabic (in the YouTube). If i see, shall let you know. There is one support article in Arabic (here), which should be helpful for you.

Thank you for your kind understanding!

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you should first check which of the 2 KoBo tools (KoBoCollect or Enketo) you want to use

You will also need to decide which tool you use for form design (& programming): XLSForm (Excel) or KoBo Formbuilder. And you will need to decide, if you can work with the KoBo Server (OCHA or ) or need your own server installation.

Depending on these (3) decisions you will have to learn different things.

Here are some other materials (esp. for KoBoCollect!) which may help you