How do I return a data or questionnaire that is not well filled by enumerator using KoBoToolbox?

Good evening sir, please how do I return a data or questionnaire that is not well filled by enumerator using Kobo toolbox. Thanks for your quick response

Would you mind explaining your issue in detail? Do you mean you are not able to submit the filled up forms to the KoBoToolbox server as it’s incomplete (and you still wish to submit those forms to the KoBoToolbox server)?

Good morning sir, I mean that the data has been submitted but there are some that was not well filled how can I return it to the enumerator. Thanks.

OK, maybe you could do it as outlined below:

  • Open your survey project.
  • Then go to DATA>Table.
  • Identify the submission that you wish to send it back to the enumerator.
  • Then press the pen like edit icon. You will be redirected to a different page (like the one that you see when entering a data through Enketo).
  • Copy the link of this page and then share it with your enumerator.
  • Your enumerator should be able to make one edit and submit the same back to the server.

Alright sir thanks.

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Good morning sir, kindly send me your email.thanks.

You could send a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Username: xxxxxxx

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Humanitarian Organizations

Good evening sir, please I am still yet to resolve this issue of link. Kindly assist.

Good afternoon sir, please I am still awaiting your assistance concerning the link that I sent to enumerators that is not working. Kindly assist.

@smartgbola1, a link should work only for one edit. If your enumerator wishes to edit it again, you will have to send a different link again.

Good afternoon sir, please which link will I send to the enumerator.

Good afternoon sir, please I really need to resolve the issue of link. Kindly explain in detail what I need to do so that whenever I send the link back to enumerators it work. Thanks for your assistance.

Once you have selected the required submission from DATA>Table, you will then need to copy the link that is present at the browser. Copy it and then paste it through the medium where you would like to share it from.

Sir, this procedure has been done earlier before now in which I sent you the link but it didn’t work. Kindly give a better procedure that will work. Thanks.

How many submissions does an enumerator submit on average?

Good morning sir, the enumerators has submitted all the data after checking it I found out that there was a mistake in some field.

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Please sir, kindly assist on how to go about the link. I have tried all the procedure you said I should do none is working. It is taking time sir.

Hi @smartgbola1
It seems you had not read the post shared earlier by @Kal_Lam . I strongly suggest you look at that post, I have posted it here once again


Good morning sir, I am not really pleased as a result of not providing solution on how to send a link back to an enumerator that has not filled his data wrongly. Thanks.