How to change ownership?

I understood that at the moment it is not possible to change the username account right? Also, I tried following the instructions to change ownership from account to another but I didn’t find in the account settings tab “the email button neither the modify password” so I can be able to change the ownership. Could you please advise?

Welcome to the community, @khodorchehade! Did you mean you wish to change your KoboToolbox username? If this is the case, kindly please be informed that this is not possible.

Regarding the case of changing the password, you should be able to change it as outlined in the support article Resetting Passwords.

No, not the password. I meant I want to change the ownership of the kobo survey created from the original owner to someone else. Is that possible?

@khodorchehade, this is a work-in-progress feature. It may take some time to be live. Stay tuned, and I will let you know when it’s live!