How to retrieve information on household members

I must carry out a household survey with ODK Collect. My problem lies in relationships one to many.I must register each member of the household with information about it. But I noticed that on the server we can not retrieve information about household members. I would like to have help to solve this type of problem. thank you in advance

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Hi @gnanou,

Design your household roster questionnaire in the survey tab using the following simple example sourced from

type name label repeat_count
integer num_hh_members Number of household members?
begin repeat hh_member ${num_hh_members}
text name Name
integer age Age
select_one male_female gender Gender
end repeat

Note: You will see your household roster data in a different sheet while downloading the dataset (xls format) after data collection.

I think, the questions are on the necessary unique ID relations between different data levels/modules: HH // HH Roster // Individual questions for each or selected members:

I have responded to the issue on the other forum component you had indicated. This is a repeat of the same though.

When you need to do a complete household roster with all the functionalities mentioned above, this could be one of the work arounds.

  • If you intend to create a household roster with with a lot of dependency constraints, then the repeat groups may not be the best option

  • You may have to create a first question that determines the number of household members and ensure that the subsequent questions appear only if the household member threshold meets what you expect.

  • You need to create a number of questions for each variable e.g. age1 age2 age3 age4 etc and make it relevant for the preceding one

  • You then need to be able to reference your questions as needed.

See the example in this link HouseholdListingRandomSelection.xls (36 KB)


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