Incomplete french translations for validation


When validating a submission, with language set to french, not all of the validation options are translated.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Set site language to french
  2. Navigate to form with uploaded submissions
  3. Select validation dropdown

Expected behavior

All options are displayed in french

Actual behavior

Options are;

  • Not approved (en)
  • Approuvé (fr)
  • On hold (en)

Capture d’écran 2022-10-25 à 15.10.12

Thanks @amschel,
To add: To check and discuss also, which text is saved in the data, see export. It might be preferable, to always store EN in the case data, e.g. for use of API and external tools in multi-language context.

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@amschel, would you be interested to help complete this translation (in French)? If yes, you could join the volunteer group as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Hi, thanks for the link - I’ve signed up as a translator. The strings in question have translations suggested that are good, I think they’re just awaiting a reviewer. I can move this question to the post you linked, but is there a regular process for requesting a translation review? Thanks!

@amschel, it seems like the french translation has only reached 78.16% (as of now). Could you volunteer on this so it gets 100% and we can request our reviewers to review it? After the review, we could make it live. Your small contribution could help a large french community using KoboToolbox. :pray:

Feel free to contact us if you need any other support while volunteering!

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