Indexed-repeat repeat group

Hi everyone, I can’t use the relevant function because the index-repeat fails.
The error occurs when I want to use the relevant function in a field. Example: f18 fm_pregnant, I must enable this question if it is female sex and under 10 years old. Placing the relevant filter gives me an error.
test.xlsx (9.4 KB)

Could you give us the error you are seeing so that we relate it with the XLSX. This aids the testing process on our end.


The error occurs when I go to the modules. I need to take members variables, age, gender. Then use these variables as relevant or constraint for question validations. That’s where I get the error.

Any help on why the error happens?

Your problem is because you are not using the functionality index repeat which is well explained within the following article and a number of discussions ( 1 2 )


hi @stephanealoo
My question is whether a variable from one previous repetition group can be used over another, to validate fields in relevant.

I need to use the member data to validate questions that I will then ask in modules one, two, three etc. How to be gender and age. But I can’t find a way to declare the variable so that it doesn’t fail. Any suggestions?

In case someone needs the solution. I had forgotten to declare the index-repeat variable
reparada.xlsx (14.4 KB)

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