Introducing the KoboToolbox Ambassadors Program: Support local organizations and help build our community!

Dear KoboToolbox Community,

We are excited to announce the launch of the KoboToolbox Ambassadors Program, a dynamic initiative to help build local user communities and support organizations using KoboToolbox to make an impact on the ground.

About the KoboToolbox Ambassadors Program

As part of our mission to make high quality data more accessible, this program aims to strengthen the support network for KoboToolbox users by building local user communities. Our KoboToolbox Ambassadors will play a crucial role in driving local engagement and building a support system for organizations, researchers, and humanitarians using data to respond to the most pressing challenges in our world today.

Benefits of participating in the program

As a volunteer KoboToolbox Ambassador, you will benefit from exclusive resources and support to help you strengthen your skills and execute your role, including:

  • Training and skill development
  • Professional and career development
  • Networking opportunities

Ambassadors also have the opportunity to influence the KoboToolbox roadmap and make a meaningful contribution to data-driven social impact.

Your role as a KoboToolbox Ambassador

Ambassadors will participate in the growth of the KoboToolbox community, support local organizations to access KoboToolbox, and help users to advance their skills in using KoboToolbox. To achieve these goals, the role of Ambassadors will be to:

  • Support community building
  • Help local organizations
  • Share user impact stories
  • Participate in the Community Forum
  • Contribute to KoboToolbox trainings

How to get involved

Applications are now closed. We will open the program for new applicants again and will announce a new call for potential ambassadors in the near future!


What a great opportunity


:sparkles:Exciting news! :sparkles:

To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to apply, we have extended our KoboToolbox Ambassadors Program application deadline to Friday, 08 March 2024. Thanks to everyone who has already applied!


Hi @dluswata looks like a great programme!

FYI I was unable to put my email address into the form, as it was validated out. The regex in the application form needs to be updated to accept email domains such as or - the validation currently only accepts email addresses with one dot in the domain (so is OK).

That will allow more people with non-US email addresses to submit! Thanks and all the best with the programme!

xref Community conversation and updated Support article re email regex.


Thank you @nat for catching that. The form is now updated to accept all email addresses. Very helpful :clap:.

We look forward to receiving more applications, representing most of the locations where KoboToolbox is helping solve many of the local challenges.


We have received a lot of promising applications! The form is now closed and we will contact everyone in the coming days.

If you missed this opportunity, we will open the program for new applicants again and will announce a new call for potential ambassadors in the near future!


When is the training for the next cohort of KOBO ambassadors ? I am interested


@kimachas thanks for your interest in being an Ambassador. We will announce in the near future another cohort of Ambassadors, so keep an eye out here on the community forum.

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