Request for edit to support article: Regex

Hi, a colleague used the regex given in this support article to validate email addresses:

HOWEVER this regex only allows email addresses with a single . after the @ - thus ruling out any domains with a third level (i.e. most countries outside the US) - i.e. rules out

Can you please fix your support article so that it’s something that works for all worldwide email addresses?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi @nat,


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Sure, thanks @hakan_cetinkaya for the updated regex! I think the support article still needs to be corrected though, as people copying and pasting from the examples in the article rightfully assume that the examples will work!
Maybe @Kal_Lam and team can update the article with your sample instead? Thanks again


Thank you, @hakan_cetinkaya, for sharing this workaround with @nat and @esario! We will update the article soon and let you know.

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Hi @Kal_Lam may you please update the article asap? People are still referring to it and putting the wrong regex in their forms for email validation. I’ve just seen the same gremlin in another new one created since this post. Should be a quick change - thanks a lot!


Thank you, @nat, for the follow-up. We will update it soon!