Just seeing the image icon but not the image itself

Hi dears, nice to know you’re there to support! I’m having exactly the same trouble with just seeing the image icon but not the image itself. Would it be possible for me to share the xls in a private message to see how I can fix it? Thanks!

Welcome to the community, @Annika! Please feel free to share your xlsform through a private message if you feel it should be treated confidentially.

Thank you very much, I have just sent you a PM

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@Annika, could you also share with me a screenshot of the SETTINGS>Media so that I could see the media file name and type you have used for this survey project?

image here you go

Hi @Annika
What is the image type you have? You can tell by the extension is it a .jpg or .png


Hi! The image is a .png

Can you share a link to the project i.e. the form. You can share this document privately

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@Annika, would you mind checking it out again? It should now be solved:

Please be aware that some of your translations are incomplete, which might result in a blank label while displaying the form in other languages (except English).

As outlined by @stephanealoo in the private message, the main issue was on how you designed your image question. Maybe this post discussed previously should help you better understand the reason that was affecting your image in your survey project:

Thank you! Everything runs great how.

However, I have another question if I may :slight_smile:

On the front page of the survey I would like to show four logo’s at the top. Now I know how to add 1 image to a sheet, but the new question is how to add 4 at the same time & to render them at the top of the page.

Your response is much appreciated!

The best and easy option would be to merge all the four images (using some third party app) into a single image and then upload the image like you just did. It should solve your issue.

Great! Will do!

Have a nice day and thanks for all the support


Good day! I seem to be having a similar problem with the images I am loading on my form. I have tried the suggestions presented on the thread but it keeps on showing up.

Welcome to the community, @sheenacarmel! Could you share with me the screenshot of your xlsform that holds the image question and the screenshot of the SETTINGS>Media? These two screenshot should be able to help me troubleshoot your issue.