KoboCollect enumerators and Kobo access


I just want to confirm that if I were to create an assessment and need several enumerators to collect data, they will download KoboCollect, insert the URL that is provided, insert my username and password to connect to the server and then download a blank form.

Is there a way to prevent enumerators from logging into my account on the Kobo website? Thanks

Welcome back to the community, @sara! You could consider this as approach one:

As an alternative, you could consider this as approach two check Require authentication to see forms and submit data as advised in this post discussed previously:

Thanks so much! Just to be clear though, while enumerators will have their own accounts, for them to actually connect to my server they will need my username and password to enter in order to download the blank form, correct?

@sara, no they will not need your login credentials. They will have to use their own login credentials in that case.

Then if that is the case, how are they able to connect to my server and download my assessment?