KoBoCollect on Android 10

I’m going to ask a question about KoboCollect that may be better suited for the ODK forum, but I’m going to enter it here after testing ODK Collect and GeoODK Collect.


I recently upgraded my Pixel 3 to Android 10, and tried to install Kobo Collect. I received the following error: “unknown error(code 14 SQLITE_CANTOPEN): Could not open database.” I also received an error about not being able to create new folders.

Additional Context

I subsequently installed both ODK Collect and GeoODK Collect, both of which worked just fine. Has anyone else experienced this?


Hi @arthurday, I would suggest in that case to simply use ODK Collect, which is updated much more frequently and thus more likely to iron out issues such as this. The two apps have the same capabilities.