Loading error on Enketo from CSV file


I’m having a problem opening a form with external csv file on Enketo. I’m getting this error message.

Failed to load data from /media/get/https/kc.kobotoolbox.org/kyeopadmin/xformsMedia/583384/1293022.csv

Kindly assist

Welcome to the community @Rachi! Have you tested your xlsform for any syntax errors with this online validator? It should help you clean syntax errors within your xlsform.

Yes I’ve cleaned out all errors using the online validator and still getting the same error message

Maybe the community could help you out if you share your xlsform as well as the csv file.

This is the xls form and csv file

Follow up xls

follow up csv

Both the files seems to be a csv file. Could you also share the xlsform with the community?

Here is the xlsform
Follow up xls

Hi @Rachi,

Your xlsform seems to be OK. The only issue was with the csv file which had a formatted date. I simply deleted the date from the csv file and it worked for me.

Maybe you could use the csv file that i tested at my end (it should solve your problem):

cluster2and3followuplist.csv (468.4 KB)