Location of interviewers


Is it possible to collect as metadata the place where the form is filled in? The idea would be to check that the investigators actually go to the places needed for the investigation.
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Maybe you could do it as outlined in the post discussed previously:

But please note that this works only if you are trying to collect your data with the latest version of Collect android app. Also please note that Enketo does not support this.

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It works, thank you very much!
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Hello @deveseleerflorine,
Hint: As far as I know, a Collect user can always deactivate auditing (and GPS on the device).

Another option is to include a (required) GPS type question in the questionnaire to record by the enumerator.
An advantage is that it would be easier to evaluate for monitoring. For ex. you can show the enumerators’ GPS data on a KoBo Toolbox map.

Probably, KoBo will also allow soon (?) to use ODK Collect function for GPS background recording. https://community.kobotoolbox.org/t/support-for-start-geopoint-question/15347

Maybe even a previous discussion about geo-fencing might be interesting for advanced control solutions. https://community.kobotoolbox.org/t/deploy-map-layer-for-collect/14860/8

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