Lost data after resetting password


I was failing to log in to my account despite entering my credentials. i then reset the password and upon logging in , I have learn that most projects with data are missing,

Can you please assist

Welcome to the community @Florence_Linda! Resetting the password should not clear the projects from your account. Would you mind reviewing the post discussed previously to see if it should solve your issue?

I assume you have logged into a different server.

Dear Sir,

I have logged in but the challenge is that some piojects are miaaing.there are only 3 projects

@Florence_Linda, are you the account admin, or are you using someone else’s account? Have you also shared your log in credentials with your colleague, or is it safe with you only?

Dear Sir,

I am the Administrator and I have not shared the password with anyone.


@Florence_Linda, did you delete the project accidentally? Was it a shared project with you from your colleague’s account?

It was not shared with anyone. I could not log in despite entering all credentials then after I clicked forgot password and generated a new one is when I noticed that the projects were missing. I developed the projects myself, they were not shared from another account.

@Florence_Linda, do you have the timeline for when the project went missing?

Leant that the projects were missing on 6th July, 2023 after changing password and logging in.