Missing data from 20 participants who submitted forms

My colleagues distributed our survey link to 20+ individuals, and one of my colleagues took the survey twice (inputting dummy data) to test the platform. Sadly, I only have 4 submissions in My Projects – and this does not include the two tests conducted by my colleague. Where are my data?

I need resolution on this ASAP. If I can’t trust Kobotoolbox, then we’ll have to implement a different survey solution in two days for the endline data collection. (And mourn over the loss of our baseline data.)

I wonder if this is an issue with modality – the majority of our survey participants and my colleague utilized their mobile phones to fill out the surveys. They did not receive error messages. On their end, it appeared as though their data were submitted. Yet I do not have it.

Here is a screenshot taken by my colleague after one of her tests on her mobile phone.

PLEASE HELP, and thank you!

@laurelnogaye, this post discussed previously should solve your issue:

Thanks for engaging with my issue, Kal_Lam. Unfortunately, that solution did not solve my issue. I set up my account on the EU server. I deployed the project in the EU server. I can log into my account via the EU server link. I never even knew there was a global server and I cannot access my account via that link. Our data are still missing. Even after my colleague re-took the evaluation after we flagged this issue, I did not receive her report. N=4 to this day. Please help.

Your screenshot shows a Preview usage, not a data collection/submission (or save).

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Thanks for replying, wroos. I don’t really know what that means but it sounds like somehow our participants are engaging with the survey in the wrong way…? Can you help me understand how they misstepped so we can prevent it in the future? (And it sounds like their “wrong” interaction means that there are no data to find/recoup – their data were never submitted, somehow). I appreciate your clarification for a noob like me. :slight_smile:

@laurelnogaye, kindly please be informed that these are the two ways how you can collect data for a deployed project in KoboToolbox:

Kindly please be informed that the preview mode will only allow you to preview the questions and show you how the questions appear.

Thank you for your help, @Kal_Lam. I got in touch with the administrator of my organization’s account and he was able to locate the reports that did not show up in My Projects. We will soon have a training on how our accounts are configured and where data are stored. I appreciate the valuable time that you and colleagues dedicated to my issue (which turned out to not be an issue at all). Thank you again.

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@laurelnogaye, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

Hi Kal_Lam. I discovered that the reason for my missing data was user error on my part. I circulated the wrong link to survey participants. I gave them the link to be collaborators on the Kobo project (i.e., adjust the survey) as opposed to the link to input their data (i.e., take the survey). Live and learn. Thanks for your generosity with your time!