Missing Rating questions responses

I have a problem , that is the responses to to the rating questions in a survey of mine do not show up in the analysis page, or even in the exported Excl! Would you kindly help me in this issue?
I have just published the survey link soon, and have got only 6 responses so far, so your swift reply is very much appreciated to help me do the necessary editing (if needed) quickly.
Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Fadhel,

Welcome back to the community! Could you share with the community your xlsform sot hat we could have a look at your rating question and see if it has any issues with it.

Have a great day!

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Thank you @Kal_Lam for your prompt reply. really appreciated. Unfortunately, I developed the survey directly on KOBO, I do not have that xlsform. If needed I can you share my account access with you. Furthermore, the form is in Arabic, will that be OK for you?

Hi Fadhel,
Welcome back to the community forum. Could you provide more information and illustration? Kindly provide what you are seeing on the analysis page and the excel data and please explain what you had expected. A screenshot would definitely be helpful for this.

Kindly do not share any identifier information on the forum.



Thank you @stephanealoo for contribution and piece of advice problem is that I have a set of key questions in the survey, in the rating question form. each question has several sub-items to be rated on a range from 6 to 0. in the data page, only one item from each question appeared with its data, while the rest of the items neither data appeared nor even the items themselves. Whereas in the exported Excel form, items appeared as labels, but data zones are blank. Here are some related screenshots. of only one question of these (No. 2-2-) as an example

Image -1 a screenshot of how the questions appear in the survey:

Image -2 a screenshot of how the same question appears in the form builder page:

Image- 3 a screenshot of how the same question appear in the data (analysis report) page:

Only one item appeared in the data analysis (e.i. of Visa Card option, item number 3 of 8 items. then the next question and so one.

Here is how the Excel sheet look like as well: (Sorry as for a new user, it refused me to upload the file, here is a screenshot instead:

Lots of thanks

Generally, you should note that the display you have presented is definitely a rating question which would present the question item (rows) entered such as visa by showing the proportion who selected the corresponding responses which were in Arabic as follows of utmost importance, not sure, medium importance, less important, great importance. The data will not be presented as the table you are seeing the form, but for each individual row item separately. Looking at your excel data, it seems the only data entered was for VISA.

I would suggest you check and confirm that data was entered for everything; you can easily do this by filling in the form completely yourself or going to edit a submission and see if the 6 entered had some input for all the rows

Also, recheck to ensure you are well acquainted with the ranking and rating questions


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Thank you again @stephanealoo, Please note that the:
1- the question type is certainly “Rating Question” I have selected it myself,
2- items are all set as compulsory, and i tested this several times,
3- I have done what you suggested - filling up a form my self- three times and when come to check after submission, only that items of visa card showed up,
4- Even when accessing data from “Table” feature, all the rest are blank including the ones I submitted myself.
:disappointed_relieved: :pleading_face:

Hi Fadhel,
Do you mind sharing a link to the form I test it.



Hi @stephanealoo,
Sure, Thank you.
Here it is : https://ee.kobotoolbox.org/x/0fsh9b6n

Could you please send both @Kal_Lam and myself a private message with a link to your project.



Hi Stephane,
Sure, Could you please tell me how to send a private message, because I did n’t find it.

You could send us a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

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Hi Dears,
A private message has been sent to you both.
Thank you again for your help

I’m having the same exact problem!
any insights yet?

I can actually see that the submissions have answers in them, but that’s only when I go to “edit submission”. Everywhere else (the kobo report and the excel files) the rating question seems unanswered.

Note: in this form in particular, I can see a field called “Kobo–Score-Choices” in the rating question settings. each different question has a different value for this field that I didn’t fill myself! values such as (xq3vh58, mc1kn94, ty7bw37, …).
Does anyone know what this is? is it related to the problem?

Hi @nartabaza,

Welcome back to the community! Would you mind providing us your user name and project name through a private message so that we could have a closer look at your case.