New updates

I am a little confused how the submissions are being counted. My total submissions are around 10000, but it is showing 7000.
And because of some natural calamity like flood and rain in the survey area, data collection is slow, but it will start speeding soon.
Now, I want to ask you how I would be informed about the limit, when it starts closing to the limit. Since the data will be coming continuously, and I know it will cross the limit , I want to solve the issue in advance.
Since the data collection is part of my organization’s project work, I have to inform my management about the cost implications in advance. So I request you to please let me know the details of the cost implications for a smooth data collection process.
Last but not least, I want to know if there is anything like for at least two more months I can continue with the unlimited submission.
For this particular project we had very limited fund that was the reason I chose Kobotoolbox.

@Nijara2023, could you reach us with this issue through Maybe we could provide you with the details there.