No new information is saved in fields that use Pulldata

I use a CSV file to fill in personal information on my form. It works correctly, the problem is when I try to enter a new user, in the fields that the pulldata function works, new data cannot be entered.

Welcome to the community, @unionfuturocorp! Could you provide more details to your query, please? Having more details should help the community understand your issue and help you provide an appropriate solution.

If I understood you correctly, it seems like you are trying to enter something else that is not updated in the CSV file, correct? Feel free to correct me if it’s something else.

I have a form that uses “Pulldata” but, when I try to enter data that is not in the CSV (for example, a new user) the information is not saved, the form is saved, but the data on which the function “Pulldata” has interference no.

@Kal_Lam I was wondering if “Dynamic Data Attachments” could solve this problem?

Yes, that is exactly my problem.


Did you get help as i have the same problem@kal_Lam

@unionfuturocorp, @andiegogeorge, please be informed that the pulldata function will automatically replace any value you enter manually in the form. This is what the function is meant for. If you wish to enter the information manually, you must remove the pulldata function from the question and deploy/redeploy as needed.