Only possible to select 'Online-Offline (multiple submission)' option in Collect Data under Forms tab

Hello I am trying to create a web form that will only be available online (ex. not offline). This should be possible ( according to this page: Collecting Data through Web Forms — KoBoToolbox documentation) by selecting one of the options in the Collect Data drop-down box under the Forms tab. However, while I am able to see all the different options, I am not able to select any of them except the default option :‘Online-Offline (multiple submission)’. Am I overlooking something here or is this feature no longer available?

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@greenbark, maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your query:

Hello again,
And thanks for your answer. The problem is that I cannot change away from the default option (Online-Offline (multiple submission). It simply won’t let me select one of the other options on the select list and therefore I cannot grab the url of my preferred option

@greenbark, please be informed that KoBoToolbox does not allow you to change the dropdown options. The only thing you are allowed to do is get the option with which you wish to use while collecting data and then copy the URL link for the same.

But that is what I am trying to do. However, since the drop-down select box only allows the selection of the default choice: Online-Offline, the question is why are you also showing all the other options in the drop-down box, when they are unselectable (and therefore completely useless to the user?) So just to be clear: The ‘Collect Data’ select box does NOT allow you to select any other options than the default option. That is my problem. I am not trying to CHANGE the options, I am unsuccessfully trying to SELECT between SUPPOSEDLY AVAILABLE options but everytime I select an option it lands back on the default option (and gives me the url of the default option)

@greenbark, maybe try this out to find the difference:

  • Select an option under the Collect Data and then select the OPEN or COPY.
  • Paste them somewhere either in a word doc or a notepad.
  • Do this for the rest options as well. You should notice that the URL should be a bit different for each options.

The other thing you should notice is that each time you refresh the page, the option from the Collect Data gets back to the same option. You should keep in mind that they won’t change based on what you have selected. They will simply provide you an appropriate URL link so that you could use the data collection method you wished.

Looks like i have exactly the same problem. the options seem to be available but when you select them, the dropdown goes to the default option (online-offline option). I have tried to select Android Application in vain

@mubeezim, the display here is only to get the link to the survey. It does not affect the way you collect your data.