Preview is functional but not on the app - repeat group

I created a form with a repeat function that works perfectly on the preview (online) but doesn’t work on the kobocollect app v2 2021.2.4Processing: Round_2 - individual activities.xlsx…

when i open the form on the app, it doesn’t allow me to fill in any information right after the repeat starts.

Please help. in attachment is my file.

Hi LaLam, i’ve been having the same issue with the app Kobo 2021.2.4 - the form works fine on the preview but not on this version of the app. any suggestions? Thanks

Welcome to the community, @eglantine.germain! Could you share with the community the screenshot that is seen in the Collect android app?

thanks o much Kal_Lam!

Here is the excel and the screenshot

Hope this helpsRound_2 - individual activities.xlsx (17.0 KB)

i can’t write any answers once the repeat group begins…

Have you checked this out with Enketo to see if Enketo behaves in the same way too?

i’ve tested file but I don’t understand what errors they are pointing to. Could you help?

You could check this directly with KoBoToolbox’s web form. That should be more easy for you.

it works on the kobotoolbox web form!

it works on web form, and other apps. I think there is a bug in this version of kobo, is that possible?

Have you also checked the same with ODK Collect android app?

i have the same problem on ODK collect android app but not on iphone GIS collect

OK will have a look at this to see if it’s an issue with the Collect android app.

thank you very much!

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Hi Kal_Lam, how are you? any updates?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sorry, seems like the calculation you have used in F23 is only applicable with the Dynamic Data Attachment:

it is attached to the project but does not work…

If you wish to get that work, you will need a parent project and a child project as outlined in the support article shared previously:

thank you Kal Lam, I have a parent and child project and both are connected already. As mentionned earlier, the files work on GIS COLLECT but not on kobo collect. Any reason why?

thanks again!

Which version of the KoBoCollect android app are you using? It should support in the KoBoCollect android app too.