Print the form after submission

I am a new comer here. I want to build a registration form in which the applicants can print the submitted form. In the current template, there is a print option in the top right corner of the form. But the applicant cannot take its print including the filled details, Is there a way to add PRINT APPLICATION button after submit button? Suggestions are welcome.

I hope this will bring more light!! I am aware of only a print icon at the top right. in the form preview page. You can only print submissions either as PDF (the whole findings for questionnaire) or download as excel and print the responses.

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Thank you for the reply. In my case, the applicant should have the option to print the form, not the creator. The applicant cannot take the print out after submitting the form. Is there any way to do that?

What about printing the form in Enketo before hitting Submit? All filled-in details are shown on the printout. You could just add instructions in a note question on a separate screen before they can see the Submit button…

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Thank you @tinok. That’s an awesome idea.