Problem with password to sing in


I am having problems sining up to my account. I though it was my password, but I change it and I still cannot sing in. Can some one help me?

Hi @ancuervo can you kindly share

  • which server you are using?
  • a screenshot of the error you are experiencing

…so that we can try to assist with what might be going on your end.

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@ancuervo, this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:


I am using Global KoboToolbox Server.
Here is the screenshot
Captura de pantalla 2024-06-03 a la(s) 10.02.18


Hi. I am using Global KoboToolbox Server.

@ancuervo, seems like you are trying to login to your account using your email ID. Please be informed that you will need to login into your account through your user account.

Thanks, I forgot I only need the user name. Thanks :crazy_face:

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