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@Prem, are you on a self-hosted server or are you using one of the publicly hosted server?

Hi kal_lam,

We are on a self hosted server.

Maybe you will need to upload your question to a publicly hosted server to see if it’s OK. If the same has no issues with the publicly hosted server then it should be an issue with your server.

I tried to create an account humanitarian platform but never got activation email


I was able to create an account on another server. The form face

d similar challenge attached is screenshot and XLS form file.

aEVjbQMk9W4YUuWx9gwmEH.xlsx (17.7 KB)

@Prem, seems like you are trying to design your XLSForm using the select_one_from_file. In this case, this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Dear Mr. Kal_lam, It looks like the issue (please see the image

attached) is common when designing a survey with an XLSForm using select_one_from_file. Is this something we don’t need to worry about? Thank you for your guidance.