Range question type working in KoBoCollect while not working in web browser (Enketo)

The range type takes input outside the range (and step) as valid. This seems different to the XLSForms specification. Only an additional constraint will make a (range) control working. So, it seems only a widget UI form, accepting any integer.

I have seen that range type was just added in last release:

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Thanks, Mike!
I attach the examples for the range question type issue.here
KoBo Range Test 02.xlsx (19.0 KB)

We testet online with the Previewer.

We meanwhile found out that range type is working in KoBo Collect, but NOT in online Preview/Enketo. (I will forward this to the differences list. http://support.kobotoolbox.org/collecting-data/overview-on-data-collection-tools) Those differences are a bit frustrating and might be better documented. We thought Preview is just a good way for testing a KoBo app.
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