Rating question: error when exporting/importing to xls


I am trying the beta Rating question, which is a nice new feature. However it does not allows to re-order the sub-questions. Therefore, I exported the survey into xls in order to review manually.

However, at the time of re-importing it, the online webform is corrupted (you can check the link). The same occures if the xls file is not modified at all (just exported and new form created from it).

I exported the new (corrupted) form again to xls to compare, and it seems that it is the same than the previous exported survey.

I will be pleased to provide more details or more tests if needed.

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I made some additional test.

You can check this survey: https://kobo.humanitarianresponse.info/#/forms/aY9HaXhKwiJntQv4Q2Ybxu

It contains twice the same group of questions, with the rating feature and then a group of questions with the one_select mode only.

The XLS file shows that in the first case, the group has an appearance as “field-list” + one fake question with appearance as “label”, then all the sub-questions with appearance as “list-nolabel”.

The problem seems to be that the webform does not understand this appearance parameters correctly (the “label” question does not appear in the form and the sub-questions appears as if the appearance field was empty.

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However, once deployed, the imported survey appears correctly in Enketo!

It works ok with KoboCollect also.

It is therefore a bug that only affect the survey editor (and wondering why the form appears well before export and not after…?), which is good to know…