Rejected or return feature

If in the future the feature allowed to rejected or returning poorly regesteres in the field for correction can be integrated in the application it would help enormously during the record validation process. Thank you and have a nice day


FYR linking your original post with this feature request post:

Would also appreciate if you could provide a small example as a reference.

Have a great day!

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Thank you for your response. A little simulation: after finalizing a field interview I, as a supervisor, review it and check if the questions have been well informed, the logic and possible coherence. It happens sometimes that the interviewer may have asked the question incorrectly and misread the question. I, as a supervisor connected to the server, want to be able to reject this questionnaire, ask him to download it again, correct the error and send it back to me. Unfortunately I don’t have this possibility with the KoboCollect platform at the moment.

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@paulinabrago, I have linked your post here for reference: