Relation two field from one form to another form to update for data entry

dear all;
i have the list as below as a list
code productname prices
01 book 200
02 laptop 600
03 camera 500
i have created this form as a list in kobocollect one form

second form
i will have data collection as below as customer form
customer_name location market_six code productname prices
during data entry
when i change the first list form price eg. camera from 500 to 400.
i want to automaticall populate into my customer data collection form after i update to list form.
is there any way to link this two table based on code from each other to auto populated for data entry .

thank you for your expert and support if any can help me this issues.

Kindly please be informed that the feature you seeking is currently not available with KoBoToolbox. Maybe you could use the pulldata function as outlined in our support article Pull Data Functionality in KoBoToolbox.

As a backup you could also have a look at the post discussed previously that has a workaround on how the pulldata function is used:

This post should also be helpful:

Hopefully, you are not using OCHA server as this seems a commercial project, not related to humanitarian initiatives.

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Dear Kal_lam and Wroos;
thank you for your help and support.

i will try to do with the pull data function. I am so new to this function in here.

thank a lot for quick response.

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if i need to pull update data in csv file, i need to modify the csv file and upload again csv file to server again. It is right or not.
let me know thank you

@nayaung_kobo_2020, Yes!

Hi @nayaung_kobo_2020
I noticed you did not respond to

Could you confirm which server you are using