Release Notes - version 2.024.17a, b, c

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce a new release of KoboToolbox.

This release consists of:

  • KPI version 2.024.17a
  • Kobocat version 2.024.17a
  • Pyxform version 1.9.0, unchanged from the previous release
  • Enketo Express version 6.2.2, unchanged from the previous release

New Features

PR Description
kpi#4919 Show Usage by project
Allow users to view a breakdown of their projects based on usage data within a table that can be accessed at or
kpi#4872 New UI language: The KoboToolbox UI is now available in Swahili
kpi#4889 Allow users to select which form questions to display in the transcript/translation/qualitative analysis side bar

Bug Fixes and Improvements

PR Description
kpi#4930 Prevent stale content when repeatedly navigating to Form Builder
kpi#4896 Display a modal in Data Table for transcripts and translations
kpi#4922 Improve the behavior for the Tags
kpi#4921 Make plans page responsive for smaller screens
kpi#4893 Processing View tabs are now being added to the URL as part of the path. This allows opening given tab from the copied URL. Changing submission will not change currently active tab.
kpi#4957 Tolerate submissions that lack <formhub><uuid>
Fixes a 500 error when trying to access submission data in projects where one or more submissions has non-standard XML.

Of Interest to Self-Hosters

PR Description
kpi#4962 Fix error in password_date_changed search example
Correct one of three examples in the admin interface for searching for users by the date they last changed their password.

Of Interest to Developers

PR Description
kpi#4927 Update the requirements needed for Formpack
kpi#4920 Add maintenance function to remove old import tasks
Adds maintenance task for cleaning up old import tasks.
kobocat#924 Adds a maintenance task for cleaning up old django-reversion revisions
formpack#320 Replace deprecated isfile() method
kpi#4822 Plan improvements
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There is now a new release 2.024.17b which includes a fix for the “mismatched labels and translations” bug affecting exports and reports:

PR Description
Fix “mismatched labels and translations” export failure
Resolves a bug that affected multi-language forms using select_one_from_file or select_multiple_from_file

Deployment to both EU and Global servers is now complete as of 2024-06-17 16:46 UTC.


A forthcoming release 2.024.17c will fix the following issue:

PR Description
kpi#4979 Fix “There was an error loading Enketo” when attempting to edit submissions
Properly handle surveys that were created with select_one_from_file or select_multiple_from_file questions prior to release 2.024.09.

This post will be updated once deployment to the EU and Global servers is complete.

EDIT: This release has been deployed to EU and Global servers as of 19 June 2024 at 14:00 UTC.

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