Row Level Permissions - view submited form problem

Dear Kal_Lam,
First of all happy new year!! wishes for health and prosperity!
I would like to ask your guidance about a problem in “data view” from the users with row level permision.
The users can submit the form shared with them and they do have “add submission” and “view submission” access to the project but after they submit their form they cannot view the compiled form and they cannot download it in pdf.
What can be the issue?
thank you very much


Hi @Stavripal,

Generally when users collect and manage data with row-level permissions features they do not check/they happen to forget to check Require authentication to see forms and submitted data as outlined in the support article Row-Level Permissions. When the same is unchecked users are not able to view the data collected by themselves as outlined in the article.

Would you mind going through the support article. It should help you solve your issue. Do reach us back if you are still facing the issue.

As a reference, maybe you could also view the post discussed previously that covers the same issue:

Note: Users are not able to see the data for those missed as outlined above. However, if they follow the instructions outlined in the article they should be able to see for new submissions.

Thank you Kal_Lam,
I understand that this setting needs to apply to the users account not only mine (project owner)
I will inform them and come back if any problem.


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