Schedule Automated Import of CSV into KOBO


I have deployed many questionnaires inside my organizations KOBO account, Most of them need recording of up to date name of beneficiairies, So I use the search csv function. My new beneficiairies are recorded also through a KOBO questionnaire.
I keep this record of beneficiaries up to date manually at the moment, by downloading a preset csv from my PowerBI dashboard that is connected onto KOBO. So everyday I need to copy about 15times this csv in my different questionnaires on KOBO to keep the list up to date.

I know that it is impossible to have this automated as I have my systems now.
I wonder though if there is ways to do it? What would they be and how complicated and costly they are? We don`t have strong IT background.


@Sven1, if you use the pulldata function to pull the information from the CSV file to your survey project, you will have to manually update the CSV file regularly. We have a new feature lining up that will be public very soon which is called the dynamic data attachment. With this feature, you should be able to continue collecting the names in one survey project and then use the same name to another survey project (linking the project where you should be able to dynamically link the information from one of your project to the other).

For this, you will have to keep an eye to our announcement frequently.

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Hello, Thx for your response. That looks great. i hope you can link the name collecting survey to many other surveys that can use the name, not just one. Looks great!

However I have one recommandation.
I had a look at your KoBoToolbox Roadmap / Release Plan - the info is very cryptical, meaning very brief in language I don`t necessarily understand. I think it would be worth adding a little explanation on each new feature that you guys are working on.



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Is this feature LIVE Now… i am also looking for same solution

@mikev897, it’s live and you should also be able to go through our support article on Dynamic Data Attachment: