Searching patient name among already entered kobo forms

I have certain aspects of my form, which must be filled out after 2 months or after 5 months of starting data entry in the form - is it possible to search “saved forms” and find the specific form we are looking for? For example, I have entered in information for a specific patient but will only be entering their treatment completion information after 6 months of treatment, is it possible for me to search this patient up through a “search” function in saved forms?

Thank you

I think what you are looking for is use of the system for longitudinal data collection. I suggest you follow the discussions that happened here


Hi Stephane,

Thank you, however this is not what I was looking for - if I have numerous forms in my “saved forms” category, is it possible to search within those forms?

I now understand you question. When searching there is a search button at the top. This however only searches the instance name. So to improve your search, you need to define the name of the instance i.e. the entry using approach as what is discussed here.

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Thank you so much! This is what I was looking for