Select Multiple in Cascading Selection Questions

New to KoBo and hoping I can get some help in setting up a set of cascading selection questions with the option to select multiple answers in both questions. I know how to do it with selecting one answer, but can’t seem to figure it out with multiple.

Here’s an example of the questions I’d like to ask:
Q1: “which of the following livestock do you own?”
Answers (can select multiple): Cow, Pig, Chicken, Goat, Buffalo
Q2: "which livestock were purchased after employment?
Answer: ONLY want to show the answers that were selected in Q1

I think the answer lies in the choice filter… any help would be appreciated!

Hi @ddelaski, use “if ( string-length (${name}) != 0, jr:choice-name(${
name }, ‘${
name }’), ‘(
name yet)’)” in calculation command.

Thanks @bernieseville. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be working. Here’s a photo of what I’ve put into Excel - would you mind taking a look to see if it looks correct?

@ddelaski, looking at your form image, seems the line 7 is confusing, if it is okay with you, can you share this portion in excel file?

Did you ever find a solution for this? I am looking to do the same thing now.

I am using the example presented by @ddelaski but twisting it a bit to get the desired behaviour of only showing what had been selected in the earlier question.

If you want to achieve the above effect then see the attached example of choice filters for multiple select questions (75.3 KB)


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Can we use indexed-repeat(${HC3}, ${stove}, 2) code and jr:choice?