Server Error 500 seen when trying to deploy a survey project


I’m quite new to KoBo. This week I’ve been developing a survey. But I’m unable to deploy it. I keep getting the error message ‘unable to deploy (server error 500).’ It did work before but now it doesn’t. I have visited the user support centre and see that others have also had this experience but it doesn’t help to solve my problem. I’ve checked my input and there does not seem to be anything odd.

Could you please advise me, I would really appreciate your help!

Thank you!

@ellengeerlings, could you kindly share with me the following through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Thank you for your quick reply.
My username is xxxxxxx
My project name is ZOA WaA! baseline household

I’m not sure how to check what server I have…?

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@ellengeerlings, listing the steps out on how I solved your issue. This could be helpful to other community members having similar issues.

  • First, I scanned your survey project. I saw the language code eng.
    Image 1
    So I changed them to (en).
  • Second, I cloned your latest deployed version to a new survey project (which usually gets saved in the draft).

    Then, I downloaded the same as an xlsform and replaced the current survey project (that shows Server Error 500 with the recently downloaded xlsform.

So this solved your issue. However, please check your survey project once to see if you have any survey questions missing.

Note: In some cases, users may not have to undergo the first step outlined above. They could go directly with the second step.

This is great! Thank you so much I really appreciate it!!!

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Unfortunately the new questionnaire is missing a large part of the questions…
I had saved another version of the complete questionnaire called: Final ZOA WaA! baseline Household and tried to follow the same steps as instructed by you: 1) so I changed eng to en. Then 2) I tried to download the XLS form but here it already gives me the “Server error 500” Do you mind helping me again please?

Sorry I don’t see your project Final ZOA WaA! baseline Household. Could you kindly provide me the correct project name? Maybe I could give it a look.


Thank you for your fast reply!
It is a draft project that hasn’t been deployed yet…, see screenshot. This is the only still complete survey I have…
Kind regards, Ellen

So you mean the Clone of Final ZOA WaA! baseline Household that is seen in the top under the Draft?

Yes that one is also a copy of the complete survey so that one is fine: Clone of Final ZOA WaA! baseline Household

Thank you

If the original version has bug in it the Clone should also have bug.

Yes, I understand. But you managed to solve the bug in the other survey.

I tried to follow your steps again with my other (complete survey) but am unable to proceed with step 2 to clone the project and download the xls file. When I try to download it it gives me error 500. Could you have one more look at ‘Clone of Final ZOA WaA! baseline Household?’ Maybe you are able to solve it again like the other file??
Thank you…!

@ellengeerlings, for this I will need the original project Final ZOA WaA! baseline Household. if you should have this project I should be able to fix it for you. But if you do not have this i will not be able to help you out. Note: the cloned version will not work here.

Ok. The original should be this one I believe! Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 15.05.54|690x75 Final ZOA WaA! baseline Household It is also in the drafts (second file from above). I hope it will work!!! Thank you so much for your help!

Is it in the draft?

yes it is the draft

OK as a work around, I currently see this question being repeated over and over …

Could you change the question name for this question (to make it unique) …

As a good practice it is always important to have a unique name for each questions.

Yes, true it is a question that is repeated many times in the survey. Before it didn;t seem to be a problem but I will change the names and then try and deploy it. If it doesn’t solve the problem can I get back to you?
Thank you.
Kind regards,

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Sure. Please feel free to reach us back (if it does not solve your issue).

Sorry it doesn’t solve the problem. I have renamed all the questions and gave it unique names by adding numbers (PScale_1, PScale_2, etc) but the problem persists: Server error 500!

Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 15.29.19|690x347

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